Opinions Are Like Assholes-Everyone Has One

At TheGetReal, we value diversity of thought as much as any other blog. On our About page we stated this belief and encouraged open discussion whether it agreed with our views or not. We asked for intelligent and respectful comments, yet mentally deranged trolls, on occasion, feel the need to show their sheer stupidity combined with unmatched ignorance. In a couple of instances, we actually published some of this nonsense which unfortunately led to a few brainless bouts of banter befitting of a schoolyard vs. a forum for serious discussion. Going forward, we will keep in place all of the necessary filters to eradicate the demented desires of those who want to insult vs. legitimately discuss a topic. Different opinions are welcome. The ridiculous rants of ceiling, and computer screen painters, will NOT be tolerated on this blog. Find another site to get your worthless nuts in a bunch over because we aren’t the ones. Get Real or go somewhere else with your poison. ~Daryl~

One comment on “Opinions Are Like Assholes-Everyone Has One

  1. Although your juvenile insults are nothing but regurgitated right-wing nonsense-thanks for the comment. Calling THE PRESIDENT “Owebummer” puts YOU in fairy tale territory because you can’t accept the fact that he is succeeding despite the bowel obstruction posing as a legitmate Congress. Typical lies about out of control spending while the deficit is plummeting, jobs being added as low-life losers drop-out of living etc.=TYPICAL deflection. I wouldn’t trust one of todays so-called Black Republicans with anything concerning the interests of their own communities that they abandonded long ago. Speaking out against racism doesn’t make you racist-if you believe this, so be it. We don’t care if you are tired of us being tired about injustice-We will NEVER rest!!!

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