One comment on “62 Years Of Silence…The Confession From A Racist Relic Of Yesterday’s “Past”…What The Fuck Do We Do Now?

  1. We’re now living in era , where can now still relive an era of the past (the death of Emmett Till ) , nightmares because now law enforcement can act with indifference , gun us down and still get away with it . Only the fu#king naivete of Caucasians who remain in denial alongside a racially biased Justice System would still allow this sort of $hit to happen , without their being anyone held accountable. The outgoing President Barack Obama cried crocodile tears when it came to police shootings of innocent black civilians and now his successor , a racist misogynistic bigot , Donald Trump will simply empower law enforcement , by telling them it’s business as usual and ” open season” on blacks, Hispanics and in all likelihood Muslims .

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