8 comments on “Happy Motherfucking Holidays!!!…Another Gun Nut Attempts To Bring “MuriKKKa” Back!

  1. Nothing like a crazed mother-##cker to show the absurdity of why the US, has now become the laughing stock around the globe. Rail on about gun control but yet it has the highest homicide rate of any developed nation on the fuc#ing planet . Go figure but yet the @ssholes of the NRA and the gun toting morons , who rail on about their right to carry guns remain so frigging clueless

  2. I cannot express to you how shocked I am that this happened. I just can’t! This is such an ‘isolated’ incident and all. Nothing to see here folks! Move it along! Hey! That’s how we roll!

    Excellent Post btw! And please know that the above was ‘extreme sarcasm’ to the extreme degree!

    • Lisa, these homegrown terrorist mongrels need to be dealt with in the harshest manner imaginable. It wouldn’t surprise me if they took this asshole to Burger King to have it “his way” much like Dylan Roof after he murdered 9 people that were simply attending church services.

      • Agreed! But I also think we need to stop feeding their hateful delusions on a daily basis. Oh and how the hell did he get an AK-47? Seriously now … look at that mug shot. Who in their right mind thought putting that into his hands was a solid decision? Horrible all around.

  3. barack 2012

    Dylan Roof actually sat down and prayed with his victims before shooting them in cold blood , but yet dumb @ss Caucasians , are suggesting that racism in the US is on the decline ? Fu#k them and the horse they rode in on along with their absolute stupidity and complete lack of intelligence.

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