4 comments on “IOTD …. Image of the day, #336 …. “There IS a problem in America”!!

  1. Where is your story on Your buddy Kanye thinking Dr Carson is brilliant? I know it must be tough disagreeing with someone you can’t possibly disagree with.

    Also, how do you explain Dr Carsons popularity with all these racists? You left that story out too! I’ll keep looking for it.

    • It must be easy to attempt trolling a blog that is clearly not written for someone such as yourself. You probably get your worthless nuts in a bunch dreaming up 2nd grade insults like “Owebummer” hidden behind a blank avatar that highlights a blank mind. Maybe you are a rugby fanatic that has been kicked in the head one too many times. Maybe you are simply an asshole that has been driven nuts since 2008 when your least favorite negro painted the White House black. Stick to pages that feature a picture of your favorite animated cartoon character as your profile…it may serve your silliness better. I give less than a damn if you agree with anything on this blog because at the end of the day…we just won’t agree to disagree.

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