3 comments on “Instead Of “Whining” About Others…Elsie Needs To Mind Her Own Milk

  1. Some White folks feel that they own everything. It is insulting to them when a Black person participates in the same. We typically do not do wine tasting and the sisters that were there seemed to be educated professionals. That was the threat to the White folk.

    • Michael P

      What really scares whites in America , actually an educated person of color who shows a great deal of intelligence and then is able to challenge the status quo. I find it insulting , when many Caucasians have the audacity to suggest the country has made great strides as relates it comes to race relations and even more insulting when as#holes such as Stacey Dash suggest Barack Obama has been a divisive President in how he deals with the issues of race.

      Dash is simply ignorant and lacks insight as the ongoing issues of racial issues that still exist and remain widespread across the US.

      Under George W Bush we witnessed how out of touch his administration y remained during the Katrina Crisis, beyond the dumb @ss statements from the former President’s mother , Barbara Bush and what she said about the residents of New Orleans during a natural disaster.

  2. Get off the bus and still the same mother fu##ing sh#t is happening four decades plus later, but this time on a train ,. Rosa Parks is not only spinning in her grave but she must be thinking what the ##ck . Had this been a party of white and African American females I seriously doubt they would have been removed from the train . As Don King so aptly stated ” only in America . Napa Valley , Simi Valley , can anyone tell the fu#cking difference between the two areas to begin with ?

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