3 comments on “The Era of Political “Incorrectness”

  1. I’m embarrassed to admit that i totally worshiped kid rock in the 90s. I loved his (2) records that actually made radio. he’s only had like 4 that i know of & i own 3 of them. i hadn’t considered the

  2. sorry, i accidentally pressed send on my puter.
    the confederate flag was only a part of his act in his concerts back during his American BadAss days (BTW he’s been playing here in fort lauderdale/ Hollywood Florida in a tiny venue called the Hard Rock Casino for the last 10yrs almost every year & they can barely give away his tickets) Since his two major records he’s steadily moved towards country music. probably because at 4o something he’ll get a head ache trying to bang his head to the hard rock/rap like the good ol days.
    But i still thought he was cool even after his decline & attempted country ‘singing’, until he sold out & let Mittens use his dumbass song for his campaign. I knew he’d lost all credibility because up till then he’d been careful to control every single element of distributing his music. he won’t even put his records on I tunes, he sells them himself on his website. So basically his confederate flag comments are a publicity stunt to get the bigot dollars, he knows that hate sells big and he might as well cash in since he has no other demographic anymore.

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