4 comments on “Let Some Of U.S. Blame Barack Again!-The Dumb Of Donald…Trumps Common Sense

  1. Donald Trump is not the most enlightened or intelligent of individuals . Way too much is being placed in his lame @ss sound bytes and stupidity . The death of this young woman was indeed tragic but I have yet to hear anyone state within the press how much not only has the Congress failed here but so too has the Justice System with its leniency concerning the whole judicial process. James Holmes’ slaying of his victims was a heinous and willful act but the defense was able to state and he was not of sound mind. Dylan Roof showed his bigotry animus with his act but yet because the victim just happens to be Caucasian and the assailant was an illegal alien , the President ought to be blamed ? WTF is wrong with the likes of Trump and the other frigging morons at the moment ?

    Donald Trump will use any means necessary to make his voice heard, even if it means disparaging people of color . The guy remains a fu#king as$hole . I would love to see him up in Spanish Harlem making his public speaking engagement. I’m sure he would be welcomed as he should be with a real greeting of his @ss being kicked all over the place . As to his claims he can win the Latino vote. That makes about as much sense at this juncture as Trent Lott and Ron Paul visiting Little Haiti or Liberty City and calling on them to witness change within the Republican Party. It remains a party of divisiveness which uses the likes of Allen West , Bobby Jindahl and Ben Carson as models of buffoonery.

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