7 comments on “This Oreo Takes The Cake!

  1. Daryl. I have been reading your stuff for awhile now and my only advice is; stop holding back , Man. Say what you really think’ LOL

    I dig it. It must be fucking infuriating to be told you are at fault for things so far beyond your control. By a paid shill for the Republican Party disguised as a Black man; it even pisses me off because betrayal is betrayal. (a longer explanation is available but…)

    Much like the Jewish Kapos in the concentration camps.

    Deciding to be a coward and disappearing is a personal choice. To allow that cowardice to put you in a betrayers position; a position where you; because of your weak character; let yourself be used to mislead those people you should be undyingly loyal to, is a “whole nutha’ level” of cowardice and betrayal.

    We are in a battle for our dignity. You are in a battle for your right to be Americans of equal standing and your dignity. These are not days to allow such persons or their words of shame to pass. What is at stake here is even more than our dignity and rights. It is the very existence of our American Experiment. It is the idea that people should govern themselves; making the decisions for themselves rather than acting according to the advice of The Plutocratic Intelligencia who believe themselves superior to a more simple man with simple desires. We are all fighting for our right to live; as we chose; without having to defend our right to do so. Truly; a sickness has inundated our society. A greedy, strangling, grasping, capitalist sickness with symptoms of hatred and intolerance.

    • Thanks for the comment and reblog Horty! This guy is certifiable and a perfect example of why race relations are heading back to The Jim Crow South. The KKK could be thrashing his ass and his response would be-“Yassa Boss…”can I have another one. He’s an absolute disgrace to the human race.

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