5 comments on ““Two, Four, Six, Eight-Conservative Hypocrisy&Hate Continues To Elevate.”

  1. Once again the hypocrisy of the “Conservative right wing remains limitless and idiotic with the likes of Cheney never having once bore arms to serve his country honorably or with distinction but yet his bulls#it is what many yearn to hear alongside @ssholes such as Anne Coulter , Bill O”Reilly and other of that ilk ! WTF is wrong with this country ? It would not be so bad , until you realize how disdainful the federal government and state agencies now treats its military veterans . Yet these mutha-#uckers (Congressmen) use veterans for their photo-ops at every opportunity and with every political cycle which comes to into being . How about the US addressing the issue of homeless veterans and the fact that there are over 500,000 nationwide (estimate ) living on the streets or in shelters ?

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