One comment on “The ? Of You-Too Busy Yelling About Nothing, YOU Can’t Hear The Rest Of U.S. Screaming About Something!

  1. Eric Garner’s (an asthmatic) crime ….. allegedly selling cigarettes (not packs ) but one or two at a time on a NYC street . His punishment , meted out by the NYPD , being choked to death. Boy , where’s the Forty Acres and A Mule the black man was promised ? As Don King so aptly put it ………. ” only in America ” . I’m surprised Rudy Guiliani hasn’t chimed in with a comment much as in the same way he suggested Ahmadou Diallou was a heinous criminal . Diallou as a juvenile , stole some candy from bodega. Yet as an adult he was gunned down by the NYPD (shot forty seven times) having returned home from working late (third shift), shot on the steps of his own home . WTF .

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