6 comments on “I’m Pissed-Off…And I Don’t Care…If You Give A Fuck About It!!!

  1. I posted this comment elsewhere but…

    I’m not one to criticize a person because of their looks; you know; their weight or bad skin or limp dirty blonde hair or their big nose or anything like that but just peeking at Ms. Lauten; I believe I can guess why she decided to rant at the President’s daughters; (other than the fact that she is a right-wing c-c-c-c-bitch, that is).

    What I see is a girl who was not popular in High School. You know; not even among the unpopular kids? Probably stayed home from prom or maybe had her cousin take her. Had few friends and the ones she did have looked a lot like her and were just as popular. Never got invited to parties.

    When she arrived at University; she probably didn’t even bother to pledge a Sorority knowing that her chances of acceptance were slim to none. No dates; *big *libido; can’t pick up men even after they’re drunk; does the cab driver with the skin condition and the smell of sour trash about him in the back seat of the filthy cab on the way home.

    Now she has a job as Communications Director for US Rep. Stephen Fincher of Tennessee. She sees these two young, lovely; probably very popular young women and all the pent up rage she is hiding from her high school days; all the hatred for those pretty, popular girls; and they’re *BLACK! * *”*Well bless my Sleazy,White, Republican Ass” says Ms. Lauten, “I’ll get those Pretties; I will. And their little dog too” So she does what Republicans do best when attempting to criticize The President and his beautiful family. She made shit up. Talked about how disgusting it is for these two teenaged girls to act and dress as if they were two teenaged girls or something. I do believe that I have seen these two young ladies; dressed for an official stae dinner or some such formal function before and they made a beautiful example of what a presidential Daughter should look like; for such a function; but to pardon a turkey? Seriously? Ms. Lauten; it appears you are learning what so many wanna-be popular girls find out. That running down nice girls doesn’t make you prettier or more popular. It just accentuates what a c-c-c-unning, manipulative bitch you still are and *that*, would make even the most beautiful woman ugly. Think what it will do to you. Whew(shudder)

    On Mon, Dec 1, 2014 at 10:25 PM, GetRealWithDarylandDeVon@.Wordpress.Com wrote:

    > barack2012 posted: ” > http://bluenationreview.com/gop-staffer-resigns-barbs-directed-obama-daughters/?ref=00176 > It is one thing to disrespect the POTUS, but personally attacking his > teenaged daughters? Elizabeth Lauten, should simply shut the fuck up about > her perceived p”

  2. And she was hired to be staff member in the White House , go figure . College education and being a civil servant ,doesn’t always go hand in hand . This ‘ skank ‘ needs some ##ck and plenty of it . Has she traveled to the ‘hood lately ? I’m sure someone would be willing to take care of her dumb @ss there !

      • We Brits (expat now living in Central Florida) ea tend to look at the system here in the US and simply laugh our @sses off at the mess , not that the UK is actually any better , because there , we also have our bunch of bigoted @ssholes , who are of Caucasian extraction . In this world , you find that type idiocy in every racial background .

        Kudos to Rams’ head coach Jeff Fisher in stating that the (Rams) players who showed their solidarity in support of Michael Brown , will not be punished. It’s about time some of these athletes in the NFL actually show , that they have some balls .

        If at all interested come check out some of the content on my site . Content primarily sports’ oriented .

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        Tophatal …………

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