7 comments on “Fuck Da Police!!!!!

  1. Naw, Man you got it right.
    Yes, people will jump all in your shit for saying it.
    They did when I said it.
    The truth is; you hit it right on the head.
    Fuck The Police because the “Police” as an entity; as an institution have gone down the path to Fascism. They are no longer the protectors of the people but only the protectors of wealthy, white people.

    Let’s face it. I don’t need a cop to tell me not to kill someone. I know not to kill someone.
    If someone else is inclined to do so; the Cops are extre-e-e-mely unlikely to stop it before it happens.
    Good, well-trained Police might catch the perpetrator after the fact- BUT- poorly trained; ill-trained; racist; Fascist Police will only manage to frighten, intimidate, and traumatize the people and engender hatred and disrespect of the Police by the masses.
    Now which do you think is going on right now; right here in River City?

    I don’t mean that I intend to go about breaking laws willy-nilly.
    I mean that I don’t see cops as positive influences on our society any longer. Not because we don’t need cops but because the ones we have aren’t doing the job we hire them to do.
    They are to be feared as much or more than the criminals.
    Even the best cop will turn into a murderer or thug when ordered to by his superiors.

    I am glad I can’t feel your pain, my friend.
    I have enough trouble with my own and yours must be crushing at times; I am sure.
    Each of us struggles with things during our life.
    If not; we are probably a soulless, white, Republican.
    You can’t live in the real world of this nation and fail to understand the anger and frustration that African-Americans feel.
    The tendency; even among Progressives at times; to pretend that the experience of the Black people here has been no worse than that of the Irish or the Chinese or other group of “immigrants”; seems frivolous to me.
    Yes; each has struggled and each has suffered discrimination but none has suffered the institutional oppression and degradation that the African-Americans have ne continue to suffer as is evidenced by the raging epidemic of killings by the “Police”.

    If you are poor and White you are subject; to beating, jailing, and grilling.
    But if Black you’re in danger, at any time; of beating, raping, and killing.
    If a woman your virtue’s in danger at the hands of the blue shirted thug.
    And if Native American; you don’t exist; you might as well be a slug.

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