8 comments on “Conservative Clowns Want To Put “Their” Crazy Cream In Your Coffee

  1. The pathetic thing is that the same indifferent nonvoters will scream bloody murder when the ACA is repealed and their health insurance goes away again, or when Medicare gets privatized and their benefits are slashed….oh well, should’ve cared enough to vote, eh? Idiots….

  2. Hey Daryl, I am afraid with the US Supreme Court ruling that corporations can put unlimited amounts of money to a campaign this could be the start of this country spiraling down to this type of crazy for good. People need to not base their decision on who they vote for from a political ad, they need to wake up or this country is in trouble. People like you who get the word out is more of what we need, keep up the good work brother.

    • Thank You Gordon! I couldn’t agree more with your assessment. It’s beginning to get ugly on both the left and right and corporations are playing folks like puppets.

  3. Gordon, I believe this country is already in trouble. These idiot GOPs “reformers” have started to publicly state what they will do, now that they have control of our government. They want it to be their government, not ours. The corporations have taken over.

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