6 comments on ““It’s Like, I Have Affluenza-Please Don’t Shoot Me.” Little Red Riding Hood Lives On

    • Thanks again J.B. for the like and reblog. This shit makes my stomach turn in disgust. And Larry Elder is on television screaming about racism not holding back black people in ANY way-give me a fucking break!!!

  1. No surprise there. The Koch brothers, Rick Perry, George W Bush–they all have “affluenza” too, and that’s how they get away with all the shit they do.

  2. Just Un-Freaking-Real-Life-Insanity!! STOP AMERICA!! HOLD IT! We Demand A Reprieve Now! This is NOT how; reexamining police profiling , improving on fair and balanced, following procedure, enforcing checks & balances of consistency is suppose to look!! This soon after a Ferguson aka Mike Brown. This crap is looking just like yada, yada, yada, smells like BS, BS lip service and walks like “F-U and your Protest ” we will continue to operate our “Racist vs Privileged” routine as usual.

    Oh wow, so nothings changed yet or not even an attempt to make it look like law enforcement is going to work towards that thing that looks like Equality by the book, HA!.
    Well “People” this is when “We” need to step up our “Organized Protest” aka Media Attention, the DOJ and take it to the max. Meaning no bullshit, when it’s wrong, we need to call a spade a spade and call it out loud by media attention as we take it to the walls of our justice system! Every single time there is “legit’. unjust profiling, racist police handling “We” have to be willing to do a instant “STOP AMERICA!! HOLD IT!” and make everyone weigh in and Pay F’kn Attention every-time. No not just until they are blue in the face, until they can no longer tolerate it in; their face, their living rooms, their bedrooms, at their breakfast tables, in their lunch and break rooms at work, in between their dinner and the desert, game time, fun time, etc, etc.. No not just for a week, a month, no not just for a year… NO not until their is a break for the moment No…UNTIL There Is NO MORE RACIST vs PRIVILEGED or vs whatever else they might want to disguise it as. We The People have to do it ourselves, we have to be even more diligent and consistent. We have to be able to separate the good from the bad, the bad from the ugly and the bullshitter gamers from the rest. We have to do this and think of it as not just for a long-time but for a life-time, because that’s the only way to assure we as Americans get the real change we deserve.. We have to make it habit, a way of life to get out there and make our own change. America has changed and together We are that 97% Majority. We Are America, Remember??

    Note for the record: “We” means “All” people, all colors,religions etc. this is an American People thing not just a Black or Brown or Minority thing. If not then what is the advantage to being in “America” really )
    So sorry for the long rant response but obviously it just hit a nerve.

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