10 comments on “Open-Carry Is Only Scary-If The Skin You Are In…Varies From “The Norm”

  1. welp, this is colorado , but i go to the store a lot here and restaurants and whatnot and gas stations all across the state and see lotsa open carry people open carrying, an i do occosionally also, so i am so happy colorado has the open cary law 🙂 ,,, saw 3 different peoplein the local market the other day here all open carring 🙂 is fine by me .! 🙂 Q

  2. Imagine an African-American family walking in with their doo rags and AK47s… Talk about scattering shoppers!!! I am so sick of these idiots stomping around trying (and failing) to look macho… Ahem!

  3. I’ll leave just one comment, because people like you are what is truly wrong with this country. Like a typical Tea Party prick=you hide behind flags of false equivalency. Reading is fundamental, even for a ‘hard-working’ patriot that you claim to be. If you bothered perusing through this site=you will see criticism of racist Democrats from the past. You will see acknowledgement of “real” Black Republicans-not the noodle-back, step-and-fetch-it Uncle Toms that consistently lick your cowshit covered boots. You are the kind of imbecile that turned an unarmed Trayvon Martin into a ‘thug’ for having the utter gall to defend himself. You will blame President Obama for taking far less vacation than the idiot that preceded him. You will blame him for cleaning up the right-wing nonsense that caused unrest in The Middle East. You blame Black people for having the nerve to protest against racism by taking the side of a loser cop, who had previously been investigated for overstepping his authority against yet another minority=like you were really there when the whole thing transpired. You assume that employment is an issue by your insulting references regarding job applications etc. Have you been on your job for almost 21-years? Are you educated beyond the building blocks that puzzled you in Kindergarten? Judging from your BULLSHIT comments-the only college that you have seen=probably when your local college hired you to wash dishes in one of its cafeterias and you were probably let go for incompetency. If you can’t clearly disagree without throwing insults=take your sub-human intellect with you the next time you screw your first cousin-he, or she, might appreciate it for its simplicity.If you don’t like this site-simply go elsewhere. Faux News has plenty of “news” posing as fact for folks that can’t find their way out of a phone booth.

  4. ”If he would have dropped the weapon, he could have came out with his life, but unfortunately, he didn’t.” – serious? If I were to browse the toy section, picked up a toy gun, and continued shopping, then hear someone shouting “drop your weapon”, it will take me at least a full minute before realising they are referring to the toy in my hand. By which time, I will be dead. Anyway, this lying marine- wannabe Richie ought to be removed from the human race. His stupidity and propensity to lie is a danger to all.

  5. This a post from an Englishman in the US:

    “America is an odd place. I’ve lived here 17 years now, and this doesn’t surprise me at all.
    One of the very first things I noticed about the US, coming from the UK, is just how much fear there is here. The other thing is how strange the cops are.
    It seems they have two settings. One is uber polite, the other is killer. If you fulfil their fantasies about respect and honor, they are the most perfect people imaginable. If you are anywhere outside of what is considered to be absolutely toeing the line, safe, and subordinate, you will either have the shit kicked out of you or you’ll be killed.
    I was once nearly shot for making the mistake of having a shaved head and driving an old Chevy at night with no lights (the fan belt had just snapped) and then, error of errors, I got out the car to ask if I could carry on before the battery died.
    It seems as though US cops seek any opportunity to kill someone. I hate to say that, because it sounds unreasonable. But the more I encounter them, the more it seems that way.
    They do what they’re told, and obey rules with military precision. If man has something in his hand and it’s not identifiable, then he must be shot. There can be no margin of error whatsoever, it seems.
    And that really is the bottom line. They place their own safety above anything else, with no margin for error whatsoever. If it might be at all possible that a subject could hurt someone (such as holding a knife, or anything that looks like it could be a gun or weapon, even if it’s not certain it is) they will kill that person.
    They won’t just stop the person. They will empty their guns into that person in order to make absolutely certain he is incapacitated, which means he is dead.
    All the public emergency services are the same. If there’s a fire, no matter how small, a convoy of fire engines will close an entire block off, and traffic will be diverted miles. If there is an auto accident, no matter how small ( a “fender bender) the cars have to stay in place, and even freeway lanes will be closed, and traffic back up for miles.
    School zone? 10 or 15mph, regardless of whether anyone is present.
    There’s an old TV ad in the UK for an insurance company, where the catch line is “We won’t make a drama out of a crisis”.
    But that is precisely the way it is in America. Everything has to be a drama, everyone has to DO something dramatic, and something has to happen to make something very small, something very big.
    Even if it means someone has to die.”

    Something to think about.

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