3 comments on “Immigration Madness In Murrieta-“Make Me Wanna Holler And Throw Up Both My Hands”

  1. I am related to one of those guys……..Protesters at the borders isn’t about hate. What once we could do for them we no longer can. Immigrants that came here in the beginning made it on their own; these people are not. We can not support the world.

    • I guess the Pilgrims initially made it on their own by ravaging Native American’s and labeling THEM as savages after relying on them for food, clothing and shelter. We only support the ‘world’ when it comes to our thirst for oil. Adults screaming at children and telling them to go back…where they are going in the first place=Pretty hateful rhetoric.

  2. I agree with that lady – let the kids go where they need to go. And the racial component to this makes the whole thing really ugly.

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