9 comments on “Hillbilly Hypocrisy And Ignorance Speak For Themselves Via Video Vs. “Made Up Accusations”

    • J.B. the ignorance in this video is beyond appalling! The Powell Memorandum and Faux News have both led a legion of losers to believe that they are superior to everyone else. Most of em need a good bath before they curse the general public with their stupidity and ignorance. Nothing but pond scum and sewer sludge in this video.

      • I remember seeing this about a year or so ago during the last Presidential campaign. I expect no less from dumbass cousin fuckin morons, full of dumbfuckery. I love your style.

  1. These people are not playing with a full deck and they are racists. The U.S. does not have an “official” religion; a person of any religion can be president.

    • Thank You for the comment. You are exactly right=These fools and “their” vision of Christianity are truly warped.This was one of the best videos that I have seen, that brings their ignorance right to the forefront for the world to see.

    • LOL! You are right about that. Can you imagine them capturing the likes of Sarah Palin for research on ‘our’ intellectual capabilities or worse yet=a possible candidate for creating a hybrid race? The laughter would be louder than listening to an old Richard Pryor stand-up. Thanks again for the likes and comments. I read your turning 50 post(I crossed the threshold of “old” last September) and laughed my ass off-Thank You!

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