4 comments on “Commissioner Copeland Wants To Go Back To His Fucked Up Future-At Least He Is Ignorantly Honest!

  1. At least he’s old. Probably die soon anyway. His time is past but he has refused to note the changing of the leaves.
    Bitter old racists are supposed to disappear to wander around mumbling; aren’t they?
    Just look at him; all eaten up with hate.
    And a respected member of the Law Enforcement Community.

    • These assholes keep popping up like Chucky The Killer Doll or Jason Voorhies. At least this idiot is honest about his hatred. Thanks Again for the compliment Angry Man!~Daryl

  2. Congratulations to Wolfeboro, a city whose crime rate is 64% LOWER than the national average AND safer to live in than 60% of the cities in the state, thanks to an outstanding police dept lead by Robert Copeland for years but I guess that all goes out the window because of a word, that is used at free will I might add, by the race of people its derogatory towards.Its seems to me that the only people that are completely offended by this are white. After all aren’t we brought up with the old nursery rhyme “Sticks and Stones” but I suppose if we are laden with white guilt it is a different story. Who’s shitting Who here? We’ve all made mistakes, after all we are human EXCEPT of course those of us that are sheep.Get the fuck over yourselves, its only a word. We are talking about an 82 yr old man that has given the better part of his life to serve and protect. Has any one of you ever said something out of anger or frustration? Your all a bunch of hypocrites that cant be honest with yourselves but dont think for a minute that your gonna piss on my back and tell me its raining.Thats one hell of a trade off, jeopardizing a safe community for something so petty as a word. You liberals a fucking joke.

    • Typical “Get over it” nonsense from someone with NO clue as to the evil and pain associated with the word. You are a fool of false equivalency if you see no difference between a racist moron like Copeland using the word as opposed to Boyz In The Hood. The smirk on his face speaks volumes about the hate in his heart and he needs his head bashed in for it. If, as you say, it’s just a word-feel free to use it ANYWHERE in your Teapublican existence and see if your physical safety “freely” follows. Your ridiculous right-wing rant is nothing but bullshit under a broken bridge leading nowhere. Get the fuck out of here with this nonsense!

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