2 comments on “Twitter Blows Up With Racist Reactions After P.K. Subban Scores Game Winner In 2nd OT

  1. Hell Yes. Everything this Congress has done since sitting down to; well; sit down, has been an act of Racism. Anyone who believes otherwise likely has a TV that gets only FOX News.

    To be honest; I was one of those who thought we had made more progress against Racism than we have back in 2008. But when I saw the treatment meted out to a sitting President of this country; my eyes were forced open. http://angrymanspeaks.wordpress.com/category/politics-2/john-boehner/ not that I thought we had it licked or anything but Da-aaamn; WTF? Since then my opinions have taken yet another dive towards the left. You guys have a great site here. Keep telling the truth and I’ll keep in touch. Peace

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