2 comments on “Cliven Bundy-The Sordid Saga Of Shit-Kicking Entitlement

  1. lol. what a joke of an article. guess rosa parks should have been hung for breaking the law and all those that fought against the Jim Crow laws are nothing more then asshat right wing domestic terrorists. way to sensationalize dimwhit

    • A reply from a typical asswipe that uses the practice of false equivalency. Comparing the plight of an asshole like Bundy to Rosa Parks makes you look like a fool that couldn’t find his way out of a room with one unlocked door. Bundy, and the rest of the sewer sludge that showed up attempting to battle federal officers should have been exterminated from the face of the earth. Inciting a bunch of ignorant and illiterate inbred losers into violence is far from heroic. Take your favorite weapon of choice and do civilized society a favor-blow what little brains you have to smithereens asshole. If you can’t debate intelligently, go troll someone else’s blog. YOUR BULLSHIT is irrelevant and not welcomed-Go fuck your 1st cousin and use protection so society isn’t forced to deal with your offspring of insanity.

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