5 comments on “In The Name Of God-A Dick Defends A Duck!

  1. I like photo used. But I’m actually in support of Robertson. He said nothing wrong & merely quoted Scripture. We’ve all fallen short of the glory of God but that doesn’t mean we still can’t speak out on what’s wrong. If that were the case, every sin would be permissible because nobody would be allowed to speak about anything.

    • Thanks for the reply. Slavery and discrimination aren’t very “God-like” in my opinion. This Yeti looking yokel, along with the likes of Bishop “Heady”Long are perfect examples of what is wrong with many of today’s so-called Christians=talking out the sides of their necks. They pretend to abhor the sins that they themselves are knee deep in participation in. Many of this country’s founders subscribed to the same mental illness and justified their evil acts as biblically influenced. For this moron to suggest that “The Blacks” weren’t discriminated against was wrong. For him to say that they were happy and skipping along before the Civil Rights Movement was insultingly ignorant and wrong. Just because he is against homosexuality, it doesn’t give him a right to sit in judgement of others. He, and those like him, have a right to say whatever they want. They don’t have a right to dictate responses(especially from an employer), and others that may be offended as a result of their B.S.~Daryl

      • I’m planning on writing a post about “Judgement” because I think a lot of people (practically everyone) misuse this word. Quoting the Bible is not casting judgement. But if you condemn someone to hell, then that’s judgement. But saying you’re against something whether you’re guilty of it or not isn’t judging. I’ve lied before but that doesn’t mean I can’t speak out against other liars.


  2. I would wager that after hearing some of the American Right Wing’s most respected religious spokesperson(s) publicly advocating marriage for the under aged every drooling pedophile in this country is singing “Gimme That Ol’ Time Religion” with much renewed enthusiasm.

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