6 comments on “The Skin You’re In-Might Surprise You, And Everyone Else

  1. The company that analyzed the DNA is known to give false ethnicity results. They only test like 150 markers, and these tend to be very ancient which we all carry. They do it because most Americans kind of like the idea of having unkown ancestry (marketing). This guy should get a test done by other companies that test 1,000,000 markers, or even have a whole genome test done. He would then be lucky to show 1% of recent African heritage, and that is assuming he has ancestors in this country going back hundreds of years…

  2. Yep, reminds me of the virulent anti-gay preacher that was Bush’s own spiritual advisor. What was that freak’s name? But of course, he was found at a glory hole with a male prostitute smoking meth! The worst hatred always seems to stem from what is directed inward.

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