4 comments on “The Limp Dick ‘Suddenly’ Wants To Rise To Compromise-Will The Koch Brothers Toss Him Off A Conservative Cliff?

  1. Reblogged this on Spirit In Action and commented:
    Thank you for posting this. All the added links are very helpful. I have been dismayed lately at the insane divisions between otherwise beautiful people whose blogs and comments I read. I hope that the more dirty tricksters like the koch brothers, rupert Murdoch, sheldan adelson et al are outed by articles like this, the more regular people will see how they are being manipulated to fight their neighbors and families when in reality the majority of things are the people vs they the 1% not dems vs reps.
    Sure we have differences as far as methods but we all want everyone in America to live in peace and prosperity with good education, safe infrastructure and environment and healthy people and communities.
    The 1% do not want those things-not with Any methods. I say we kick them to the curb *first* and then iron out a middle path fir our country between big/small government and individualism vs collectivism. I have always believed those things to be resolvable in mutually beneficial ways. But now I’ve seen several articles about our government breaking down permanently because people refuse to work together or compromise.

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