9 comments on “Rae Dawn Chong Is As Wrong As Paula Deen-“She Is What She Is”

  1. Reblogged this on The ObamaCrat.Com™ and commented:
    Did I miss something Mr. Daryl? “her current career of perfecting the art of mind-blowing fellatio.”

    Is Dawn Chong a porn actress now? Besides being a total washed up dumbass?

  2. Maybe Rae is on the path of Amanda Bynes? Endowed with some kind of mental illness? Her statement is so way out in left field it just made me think ‘What?!’ [Confusion.]

    Then ‘Maybe something is wrong with this chick.’

    I wouldn’t be surprised. Trust me, Oprah is much too blessed and stable minded to be bothered by a Rae. I mean, where has she been and why should we listen to her again?

    Puleeze. Lol.

  3. Totally agree Godstix. I love the way Oprah has held on to her integrity by being silent. Surely though, it really is a compliment. After all, moving from the field to the house and then ending up sitting at the head of the dining table and then eventually owning the house, I would say, Oprah definitely has succeeded. Whereas with Rae, she still there, somewhere, in the field, where no one can see or hear her.

  4. I like Rae Dawn Chong, and not just because she’s Tommy Chong’s daughter. I like her acting. I don’t care if anyone else does or not. In Quest For Fire she didn’t even have any dialogue, neither did anyone else in the film, for that matter, but they got the point across just fine without it. That’s called skill and talent. I wouldn’t call her “washed-up” just because she hasn’t had a starring role in a while. Besides, I always thought she was cute. I never liked Oprah, she seems like her nose is in the air, like she thinks her shit don’t stink or something. There you go.
    This has been one man’s opinion, take it or leave it, like it or lump it.

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