3 comments on “Punk Ass George Zimmerman-“I Wouldn’t Want To Be Like You”

  1. Truth is that George Zimmerman is a hero to everyone that seeks Justice in this world against criminals like that illegally-high-dope-head Trayvon Martin. I only wish I was there that fateful night to add a few more rounds up each of Trayvon’s nostrils. It is a crime for Trayvon or anyone to attack and strike another person. I am just glad Mr. Zimmerman was there to help protect the community and apply true justice to Trayvon.

    • You would not have done ANYTHING but get your worthless skull caved in. You obviously are nuts if you think Trayvon Martin didn’t have a right to defend himself from your beloved Adderall addicted “Mr.Zimmerman”-I told your trolling ass before-If you don’t offer any intelligent discourse, Stay off of this blog. Go find one of your fellow child-killing, Casey Anthony worshipping morons and kiss each other where the sun doesn’t shine.

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