6 comments on “More Zimmerman Defense Bullshit-“Puff, Puff- I’ll Pass On The Toxicology Report.”

  1. I don’t understand why Cowboy George wasn’t charged with 1st degree murder. I understand the legal definition and it seems obvious that that is the crime committed here.
    He was a member of no official watch group. He armed himself with a handgun and went creeping around the neighborhood seeking what? A nice conversation? Bull Fucking Shit.
    He went looking for a victim. He intended to kill and he did. He chose his target because he thought he would have no problem getting away with killing a young black kid. He assumed that everyone sees hoodlums when they see black kids just like he does. He assumed that everyone is as much of a racist piece of shit as he is.
    He planned it; he carried it out; he admitted it. The police testified that they instructed the prick to go the Fuck home.
    He admits that and that he ignored the police. 2nd degree my fat white ass. This bastard deserves far more than he will get even if he is convicted.
    Zimmerman really lucked out. He only destroyed the lives of an entire family of black folks. Lucky he didn’t commit a serious crime like selling weed or even smoking it. Whew!
    Thank God for the American “Justice?” system.

  2. Hey! As always, Great article. As a former “blunt” smoker, the last thing I wanted to do was be a verb! I didn’t want to run, I didn’t want to fight, I didn’t even want to talk to anybody about anything serious. The only two things I wanted to do was eat and watch the Nutty Professor over and over….so I’m boggled how Trayvon being positive for this substance could help the defense! As for the verdict of this case, If Zimmerman walks, more than Florida is going to burn….I think we’re going to see some Katrina type shit. TTYL:)

  3. The bottom line is there is NO reason to carry a loaded gun, especially in the area where this took place, unless of course you’re a paranoid want to be cop who is trying to prove to his Judge father and successful brother that he is not the piece of crap he appears to be.

  4. He’s also a molester as a woman came out as Witness 9 stating that the whole Zimmerman family is outwardly racist and she was molested by Zimmerman for over a decade and another woman she spoke to who said she was molested by him as well but both were too AFRAID of HIM to come forward previously. But of course they don’t want anyone else to know about that. He is a monster! With resources thats about it. He NEEDS to finally be put away for SOMETHING! He cannot keep escaping the law he is OBVIOUSLY a danger to the public with all his previous offenses. And MURDER added on… He needs to go away from the betterment of the freaking country!!!!

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