9 comments on “Bubba’s Biscuit Baking Sister Still Doesn’t Get It

  1. I could not disagree with you more. THis is not about the word nigger it is about freedom of speech. Ms Deen is as much a racist as anyone else including you and I. Everyone has said something racist or bigoted in their life so don’t go shooting bullets at glass houses.

    She never said anything derogatory on her show so she was unfairly fired and should sue the Food Network. If you think the word Nigger is something you own – then you have a problem. Black people are not low lifes – that is what the word means. Black people have to stop using derivatives of the word especially if they want others to stop using it.

    Scott Pippen is a jerk. He dripples a ball for a living and makes millions of dollars. His only task is to give back to the people who go to his games and pay big money for tickets. That’s it and he couldn’t seem to do even that. Had he taken the picture and given the drunk the autograph he would never have had to attack the guy. True the drunk was a bully but he was drunk – If Pippen felt threatened or that his family was threatened he should have called the cops.

    • Of course Black people don’t “own” the word because they didn’t create it and bestow its negative connotation upon themselves. Why on the earth would Pippen, at anytime, during the situation, want to oblige a punk-ass, racist, degenerate, who spit on him, along with calling him “out-of-his name”? Most men aren’t going to think about correct procedure after being spit on…period. As far as understanding why black people use the word, and don’t find other ethnicities’ use of it as acceptable.Italians jokingly call each other “Dago” and “Wop” all the time. I’ve had good friends who did this. Those words are throughly offensive because many Italian and Spanish immigrants were insulted with these terms by their fellow immigrants from Northern Europe.It’s totally a different meaning if the terms came from me. Outliers generally are going to use offensive racial insults for one purpose=To be mean and hurtful.It’s impossible for them to define the insults in any other way because they created and own the original negative meanings.

      • I have been called many derogatory words because I’m gay, Armenian, a t woman and I ignore it. Why? Because people are not going to change so instead of making them change I change – I walk out of bad situations. People today get insulted if you look at them on the train. All this politically correct bullshit is just that. Words are in the dictionary, WOP, DEGO, TURK, NIGGER – whatever it is SPIC – these are dictionary words – freedom of speech dictates I and everyone else is allowed to use these words. I can’t help it if someone gets offended. I’ve been called BITCH WHORE FAG WHITE POS you name it – falls off the back of my neck cos I don’t own any of these names – I KNOW WHO I AM. While I agree with what you are writing to a point – except when it infringes on my rights. Kayne West and Jay Z and other black rappers write mean and hateful lyrics all the time yet they have not had to return one cent of money to anyone or they have not lost a damn thing. If people going be done on Deen – it’s got to be equal -for the same people who use the same words – whether they mean it positive or negative. To me, the Deen issue is about freedom of speech and that it and the first amendment in this country has NO LIMITS.

      • Pippen’s duty is to sign autographs and take pictures – to give back to the public who pay his salary. He could have easily gotten rid of the drunk in the beginning or left the restaurant or had the man arrested. Those were his choices yet he chose to hit a drunk – he’ll get sued and lose. Believe me – he’s going to spend a lot of money to get out of this

  2. In short D – there is always a way out of a situation to defuse it- the woman suing Deen is black. She is resentful of the way Deen has 17 million dollars. She was her general manager of her successful restaurant and who stays at a job for 5 years while being called Nigger and bullied with porn and all the rest of that shit? I had a job recently – full time – the mother called me queer, bitch whatever and he was very bigoted and terrible and I left after six weeks. There is more to this story and Lisa T Jackson, the person who is suing Deen and her brother will be exposed for it soon enough.

    • The woman, Lisa Jackson, is white.I don’t see anything she would gain in terms of race with her lawsuit. She allegedly witnessed this behavior over a period of time and decided to do something about it.

      • I believe she is of mixed race or culture but who ever hear of being abused or be in an abusive situation like that (if it’s true) for five years. She was earning a paycheck. She was the general manager of a successful restaurant. She had five years to do something about it. She waited and you have to ask yourself why. At the end of Jackson’s rainbow lies a pot of gold or so she thinks.

  3. Bonju I read that you are gay. This means that you are open and honest. We respect that. You give us the choice of whether we want to involve ourselves with you …or not.

    Paula did not give us that choice and that’s why she is receiving this type of backlash. If Paula would have introduced herself to her and said, “I am not a racist but Black people are niggers to me, and if I had a choice, I would want all of them to dress as slaves.” When this deposition came out, none of us would have felt hurt, betrayed, and angry. We would have been like, whatever, we already know. That’s Paula fault. How would you feel if you found a partner and you feel in love with them and you wanted to marry them and the night before your wedding date, they look you in your eyes and say, “I’m not gay!” How would you feel. Hurt, betrayed and angry.

    As for Scottie Pippens, he doesn’t have a duty to anybody but himself. He would have been a fool to allow someone to disrespect him in such a manner. You defend the white woman, yet convict the Black man’s actions. Go figure. What would you do if someone spit on you and called you a fag….Lie to us and say that you would do nothing.

    I don’t give a damn if the person who exposed Paula and Bubba was purple. I don’t give a damn if it took 25 years to do it. If my ancestors would not have endured years and years of slavery, and Jim Crow; I would not be the educated woman that I am today, and barak2012 would not be the educated man that he is today either…..so on that note; good things come to those who wait….and Lisa, and many others deserve to get lots and lot and lots of good things.

    You sound interesting. Holla back and tell us more about you. Come open; however; leave the hate:)

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