6 comments on “My Response To A Facebook “Friend” Who Blames Trayvon Martin For His Own Demise

  1. Holy shit… this man has got to be the most hypocritical son of a bitch I’ve ever heard from. “Republicans expect the politicians we elect to adhere to a higher standard of behavior.”??? And do those standards include stealing elections, instituting torture, eliminating habeus corpus, conducting backroom deals with oil barons to give them billions in subsidies, starting wars based on a lie, domestic wiretapping, firing judges based on their political beliefs, blowing the cover of intelligence operatives because their husbands are whistle blowers, firing anti-terrorism officials for telling the truth about the governments failure leading up to 9/11, trying to bury independent investigations into 9/11, refusing to act to prevent economic collapse, hurricane devastation, planting hired reporters in the press corps to manipulate public opinion, or enjoying a cozy relationship with a major news network that includes having them produce your national convention and help you steal an election?

    But of course, you’re right, what the frig does any of that shit have to do with this case? Is he just blindly trying to draw a line between Obama and Trayvon Martin? Is he saying that all black people are criminals in one way or another?

    • White people seem to have a difficult time understanding our, meaning Black people, responses to situations of this nature. For some reason you seem to think that we uphold, and stand for the guilty just because an individual has the same heritage as us, and you are wrong.

      We stand for injustice. We stand for situations that are handled in a diplomatic way for one race, and a derogotary way for another race. I love the movie, A Time To Kill. If you haven’t seen it, please check it out. The plot of the movie is a young Black girl gets rapped by a bunch of white men in the South. (Sounds pretty accurate huh?) These white guys who rapped her are well protected because aren’t they all? Those guys were only going to receive a quick pat on the hand and a quick release; however, her father kinda took matters into his hands and attempted to avenge his daughter. He ended up commiting a murder, and the court was ready to kill him.

      Matthew McConaughey played this Black man’s lawyer, and he ended up being released in the end. Do you know why? Matthew asked the jury to close their eyes and then he proceeded to describe every detail of what happened. I mean he described it so well, that actual tears were coming from those actors eyes and mine too, and the sentence he asked at his closing was, “Now imagine if she was white.”

      I ask all individuals to think about a terrified young boy, running for his life, at night, just trying to get home to his parents for protection. Can you imagine the thought that were going through his head. “Why is this man still chasing me?” They say that we all know and feel when we are about to die. Can you imagine this child running and knowing that he was probably going to die. Can you imagine him running, and sweating, and the beat of his heart feeling as though it would pop right out of his chest, as he saw his mother face, and then his father face, and then his brother face, until he eventually saw nothing. Can you feel the rage and helplessness his parents feel when they hear white people say in so man words that their son deserved to die? You think about his mother and father sitting in that courtroom listening to a white man tell the jury a corny “Knock, Knock” joke, and you tell me if this scenerio would have played out like this if this boy had in fact been white?

      • On fucking target. Exactly. The fact that Trayvon was killed because he was black is terrible but not as terrible as the fact that Trayvon was killed.

  2. “Why don’t you take up the issue of a disproportionate amount of crime being committed by African Americans rather than using racism as an excuse for everything.”

    Oh, I love this guy. Has he asked himself WHY a disproportionate amount of crime should be committed by any one race?
    Has he chosen to ignore the fact that a disproportionate amount of that crime is also committed AGAINST African Americans?

    I’ll stop using racism as an “excuse for everything” when he and his Fascist ilk stop using racism as a motivation for everything; stop using racism as a distraction to keep us all occupied while they sneak up behind us and ram it home.

    Excuse my sweet ass. These bastards have turned a difference in the quantity of melanin in our skins into THE major divider and source of friction in our society. They have used racism to turn us; against us. And it has worked like a charm. I have a lot more thoughts on this subject but as this section is for comments and not essays; I will cut this short. Stop by if you would like to.

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