1. My Appeal To Fellow Bloggers.

    The federal government targeted this company (IRP Solutions) shut them down, prosecuted and convicted its executives​.

    I am sending this to you because you either have a blog or you have access to people, and I need your help. WE need your help spreading the word about this injustice.

    I would like to enlist your help with something if you believe you are interested and can help a just cause. I am working with &, 2 organizations involved with fighting a legal injustice done to 6 businessmen from Colorado. These 6 businessmen have been tried, convicted and imprisoned all because they invented a software program the federal government and the “big boys”, such as IBM, wanted. These 6 businessmen are now in prison, snatched from family and their lives, for being brilliant and following their American dream.

    I am asking you to blog about this injustice done these 6 men. This subject may be off topic from what you normally blog about. The reality is this could happen yo you, me and anyone who stands up to the United States Government and our corrupt judicial system. No One Is Safe.

    I have written a series of 3 post about this case found here

    I am asking that if you agree with this cause please use all or part of this 3 blog post series. I’m not interested in you using my name, using the name of TheObamaCrat™ or linking back to my blog. This is not about personal recognition but about freeing these 6 men. PLEASE feel free to copy & paste what you need from my blog post or from the Free The 6 web site located here You can find links to the original articles I used in my initial post here The web site spearheading this project to free these 6 men is

    I thank you in advance for whatever help you can give us. If you decide this is not your fight or that it is outside the scope of your blog, I fully understand.

    No hard feelings & ♥ ❀ ✿ Namaste ❀ ✿ ♥


    Please Help Us Free These 6 Innocent Men.
    Spread The Word & Help #FreeTheIRP6

    Thank you From My Heart.

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