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  1. Hillary should be on death row for her role in allowing the deaths of all those people she swore to protect. Perhaps a single bullet approach might be cheaper for tax-payers.

    • You’re really not working with a full deck are you Jan? How about we just make sure your comments are seen by the Secret Service, and then you can really get the attention your rattled ass seeks.

      • DeVon, this idiot is nothing more than a troll. They poison other peoples sites with illiterate and wild statements with the purpose of trying to start shit. The best part of this douche was clearly left in the bag. I’ve already forwarded some of this sociopaths comments to those authorities that might be interested.This, unfortunately, is an example of trying too be fair and allow the comments of those who have different viewpoints as well as those who have OBVIOUS mental issues. Fuck this wasted nut-blast!! The best part of this shit-for-brains asswipe ran down “its” moms leg along time ago. If “it” continues posting threats to Government officials on this site=they will rue the day they visited. “It” would be better off with John Gotti chasing after their gutless ass.

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