1. Lance Armstrong is a hero to many no matter what the issue is on his alleged-doping. He was the poster-person for drug testing as no other athlete was tested more than Mr. Armstrong. He will remain the top in his sport to me; always and forever.

    • Your heroes like Lance Armstrong,Casey Anthony and George Zimmerman speak volumes concerning the depth of your loserdom. You need to see a shrink, like yesterday. He needs to change up your medications or I’m afraid you might off yourself.You are a racist scumbag so who really gives a country fuck about your bullshit? George Zimmerman for president? That statement alone proves your are a fucking lunatic.

      • Me on welfare? You have obviously gotten constipated from eating too much government cheese. Go fuck yourself with a red hot poker. You don’t even have the brains to string together a logical sentence, let alone present and interpret facts. I feel sorry for the heifer that spread her loins to become impregnated with your worthless ass. She must have been fifty cents short of being a two dollar whore. Obviously her own father had a good time with her and the end result is posting nonsense on this blog. Here’s a final FUCK OFF!! from us to you. Take your medication-it MIGHT actually work.

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