1. This guy came across to me better than any Democrat ever has. I think the Dems are simply jealous and worried now.

    • If this is an example of coming across as knowledgeable, perhaps you need too watch the video more than once. Why would the Democrats be jealous or worried about this idiot? Ronald Reagan’s budget director even thinks this guy fails with his bullshit budget proposal.

      • No, I just went by the facts, sorry to disappoint you so much. You prove an adequate argument for uninformed voters like yourself though.

      • Sorry, but the ”facts” that you are referring to, are not clear from these two and if you think I’m uniformed=What are you? Face it, the 2-day honeymoon for Paul Ryan is over. Most “informed” folks even within the Republican Party, are NOT thrilled with this moron. I have not called you out as anything, especially as uninformed, so I’m not sure where you are coming from. Provide factual information instead of insults, because it makes you look as smart as the Tea-Party brethren that you obviously favor. Why waste your time commenting on a blog that provides uninformed information?

  2. It must be difficult for you barack2012 to be so wrong on every issue you post about. Maybe the R&R team can bring you up to speed.

  3. It’s amazing.
    The Republicans wanted a ‘real’ Conservative and got one in Paul Ryan and his budget proposals.
    Paul Ryan gets picked as VP.
    Paul Ryan disavows HIS budgets and embraces Romney’s ‘budget’ which can’t be scored as Romney won’t give details as to what he will cut.

  4. Reblogged this on The Last Of The Millenniums and commented:
    This is the best soft ball interview Ryan may get………..and he couldn’t get a hit.
    Yes your the VP choice Ryan but the reason the Conservatives LOVED you is you actually believed in what you said.
    After this interview…….not so much.

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