3 comments on “Renounce Obama 2012-“WHATEVER DUDE”

  1. D- I have a “joe” on my site too – her name is JANCORY and she’s a troll – no affiliation with anyone but she always has to oppose whatever I’m advocating on my blog. This person is NOT a homosexual – but he is bitter, angry and sick so whatever it is he read on your blog he is acting out now. I’d report him to WordPress – I don’t think it’ll do any good but ya never know and going forward ignore him – don’t post anything he writes – it’ll only encourage him. 🙂

    • Thanks for the advice Bonju. Its a shame some people are so lonely and disgusted with their own lives that they have to try to spread their disease to others. Too bad Dr. Kevorkian isn’t around anymore.

      • Forget Kevorkian – he was an egotistical maniac which got him in trouble. But people like these are angry too but in a very perverse way as to injure or hurt others. My anger is aimed at the injustices that I see in life everyday and I’ll call people on it because it’s what they do to me. But this kind of hatred is a disease and it’s cyberbullying and wrong. I refuse to publish JanCory – she can write me until her fingers freeze up from arthritis, she will no longer get a rise out of me. 🙂

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