9 comments on “Conservatives: ALWAYS on the Wrong Side of History | Republican Dirty Tricks

  1. why certainly! However, let us not ignore that little gathering of white hooded people conjured up byt the democrats after the civil war! And then there is that Eisenhower thing, where he integrated the schools in Little Rock, while the democrats in Birmingham, AL were raising a fuss. I suppose that the Republican Party was on the wrong side of history then as well.

    • We have not ignored those facts. We already have more than highlighted the insanity of lunatics such as George Wallace and Bull Connor. It doesn’t mean that the parties haven’t switched roles. Today’s version of what once was a fair and racially balanced party for all has been bastardized by everyone from Ronald Reagan up to present day idiot Shit Romney.

      • C’mon! Make a sensible argument anyhow. First of all, there is no source cited for that picture, so for all you know that picture if from the steps of the Alabama State Capital during the 60’s when discrimination was running rampant. During the 60’s the south was largely affiliated with the Democratic Party. It wasn’t until Jimmy Carter occupied the White House that they flipped on the Democratic Party.

        Then, you accuse people of being “IGNORANT, UNEDUCATED, AND SEVERELY DERANGED RIGHT-WINGED ASSHOLES” just because they disavow untraditional marriages. The act of sodomy has been disavowed by every civilization since the beginning of time. I think you seen the picture, had nothing else to post and posted it. For certain, you did not go back to the story where conservatives were against revolting against King George . . . and the rest of the stuff that they posted was rather laughable too.

        Beyond the fact that your source came from an echo chamber that is based on someone who started their article with ‘Imagine that . . .” how can you justify shifting the focus to “today’s version of what was once a fair and racially balanced party” and then cite Ronald Reagan? And then, Sounds to me like you want to have your cake and eat it too.
        I think you need to think a little more before you post, I’m not a republican or a democrat, but I do know that I would run circles around you in an argument, and I am vehemently against gay marriage. You can anti-gay bait me if you want, because you can’t conjure up a legitimate argument; call me all the names you like, but I don’t succumb to guilt.

        You’re a fool if you can’t see through the charade; whether you agree with it or not, whether you make a choice to abide by their terms or defy them . . . whatever the case may be you still have made a choice. Quit spreading the manure, it only show how uneducated YOU are. Look at my site. You will be hard pressed to find a thought that isn’t backed up in by a credible source. Bottom line, you should be a little more leery of those you parrot. That is why I do not parrot what others say word for word. I let the facts speak for themselves. Granted that requires time to research them, its obvious, you are not interested in doing that.

      • First of all, you are way off base with regard to questioning my/our education when you don’t even proofread your own bullshit responses.Run circles around me in an intellectual debate? Give me a break!! You make statements without perusing this blog in its entirety.If you had bothered to read beyond this post=You would see that we have already discussed the far-left liberal insanity that permeated the Democratic Party years ago all the way up to Bill Clit-On. Maybe you used your superior intellectual abilities to not notice that attribution was given to the source in the photo because the source I used is clearly identified by its url at the bottom of the photo. Maybe you are so fucking smart that you were stupid enough to write the phrase “I think you seen the picture.”-Last I knew with my Graduate School level education=”I think you saw” would be the correct usage of language. How in the hell do you jump off on a anti-gay rant based on my comments about an article that covered a myriad of conservative criticism? You also ran two sentences together, used the term untraditional to describe a non-traditional topic…so maybe YOU need to think about what YOU post when you are calling somebody a fool. You wouldn’t win an argument with my 7 year-old daughter,let alone “run circles around me.” Learn more about attribution, basic use of written language, and most of all=Go beyond just reading and projectile vomiting, that…what you just read. If you think that we just “parrot” what others have said on this blog then you are the one that needs to learn how to do research. You claim to be neither on the left or the right, but it seems like you would bounce your fucking head on the cocks of the Koch Brothers instead of erecting a strategy that would benefit EVERYONE in our society. You also boast about all of your thoughts being backed up by a credible source. In my opinion, that is your main problem, because you show no ability to offer an opinion that is simply YOURS. I don’t know you well enough to call you out as an uneducated fool…as you have referred to me/us in my post. However, just for the record, I work for a living,I am half done with an MBA-Information Systems, and I majored in Mass Media/Organizational Communication as an undergrad. This hardly makes me a genius, but I am no ones fool, especially in the eyes of someone that possesses your superior and enlightened ability to make absolutely no sense.-Daryl

      • Well, it was nice of you to stay on topic. I still think your full of shit buddy! .Hell, I bet your eyes are brown! You claim to have a graduate school education, but it just ain’t quite finished yet. My experience in life is that the wisest people don’t flaunt their education, those who do flaunt it, got Cs all the way through, and lean on their sheepskin like it were a crutch..

        What does your senseless ranting in a prior blog have to do with me running circles around you in an argument? You want to complete that argument? Talk about a scatterbrain train of thought? Perhaps you ought to go back and proof read your own comments. I laughed my head off the whole time I was reading it. Hell I might just use it for an article on my site. I’m going to title it “the rantings of a left coast grad student.” But being that I don’t have quite enough rantings yet, I need for you to get all butt sore again and reply to this comment with another tirade like the last one.

        Any way, you can claim to be the smartest motherfucker in all of MENSA, if ya’ ‘ont to, that doesn’t mean I’m going to believe you. Just like the picture on your blog that was “CLEARLY IDENTIFIED BY ITS URL” the fucking thing was photo-shopped by someone else on their blog. And the top picture, in the image, was ripped off from a picture during the 1960’s civil rights struggle. If I had the time and desire, I’d track down exactly where it came from. If nothing else, you should ask for your money back for that undergraduate degree, because you obviously didn’t learn a fuckin’ thing!

        In lieu of real argument you can call me whatever you want, you’re still a fool, but now you’re just a belligerent fool. It’s a paradox that you can’t grasp where the references of your homosexuality came from; look at the fucking picture dumbass. You got spatial issues from too much plasticity in the synapses of your medial temporal lobe?

        I get a kick out of you grammar snob types. Next time I comment, which will probably be never, I’ll go ahead and get out my Bedford Handbook for you. But really, if you are going to go on a tirade about someone’s grammar . . . don’t be a hypocrite. Look at the dribble you just wrote to me.

        So anyway, tell me . . . did it piss you off that I didn’t correct the homophone I purposely laid down in my first sentence? Did it piss you off that I used the word homophone? Did it bring about feelings of self-reproach and remorse for spending so much time polishing the knob of the big eared boy, who ain’t gradgiated from his short pants yet? Did it make you mad I just used a run-on?

        Lastly, for the sake of me not knowing how to debate, how is it you came to have a daughter anyhow? I didn’t think your kind could procreate. Is she a test tube baby? Or is she one of those surrogate babies you buy from India?

      • Just go away asshole, before you get fucked up. We could care less about your worthless life. You are the epitome of the dregs of humanity. I bet you have never seen any parts of the pussy because of your obvious obsession with discussing homosexual issues. If their is one thing I will convey to you=Don’t fuck with me regarding your description of my daughter. Having already suffered the loss of a child=If I was in your presence, I would literally choke what exists of your worthless soul out of your body. Leave whatever response you want, even if it sounds like pre-school dribble. You show what an ignorant asshole you truly are by running your fucking mouth about personal shit, you dont’ know, or care anything about. Keep running your country assed mouth, because it’s eventually going to get you fucked up. Based on your comments, I wish nothing but hate, harm and hell on your soul!!!!! If you can’t offer discourse that doesn’t stray into unnecessary areas that might get you fucked up, go somewhere else. Maybe you could work on your blog, because it sucks harder than your mom did last night.

      • So you did get butt sore! Nice! I’m glad I could bring out the crybaby in you. Get beat up in high school much?

        You and your boyfriend better quit molesting daughter #2 or you’ll lose her to HHS too.

      • You are such an undercover homosexual/homophobe,that your caveman rants actually make you look as pathetic as your lame ass blog. For the life of me, I see no connection between your accusations and our blog. Perhaps, its because you have your head so far up Ron Paul’s ass that it has distorted what little is left of your lobotomized brain. The fact that you support such a persistent political loser such as Ron Paul, speaks volumes about your supposed intellect.It’s not our fault that you are a novice blogger, with virtually no followers, who is pissed off, because a black man runs “your” version of “our” country. Face facts, fuckhead, you are a lame ass, no pussy getting asshole, who will soon be shutting down your drab, piece of shit project, because you had the nerve, or ignorance=I predict the latter, to place “Obama’s” name(who you despise) in the title of your wasted experiment.The fact that you go on someones blog, and level personal attacks against them, without knowing anything about them, also shows your true lack of character. This will be my last message to you=GO STRAIGHT TO HELL ASSHOLE….WITH A ONE-WAY TICKET!!!!!!

  2. Usually I let my partner get into it with the loons we sometimes encounter here, but Joe you take the cake. You must not have much else going for yourself if you are spending this much time ranting on a blog that you obviously don’t agree with, and with someone you have never met. You seem a bit starved for attention. You lost the argument when you made it personal. Many people have come onto this blog to express their opinion and we welcome that, but you are unstable and probably have a lot of pain in your life. So I understand that this is how you exorcise your demons, but you might do better with some psychological help, and some strong meds. We are not the people your mad at. Maybe your mother pulled you from her hairy teat to early, or maybe uncle Frank was a bit too friendly to you when you were 8. We are here for healthy intellectual debate of informed opinions, not disturbed rants from the peanut gallery. Please refrain from visiting our site, we don’t need your energy. In other words fuck off asshole!

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