5 comments on “Cenk Uygur: Ted Nugent ‘literally crapped his pants’ over Vietnam draft | The Raw Story

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  3. So, Ted Nugent did what every other hippy did? So, what? It’s no different than what Bill Clinton did. So, Ted Nugent had sex with teenage girls? So, what? Your beloved Bubba raped women and shut them up with hush money. Bubba also smuggled drugs into the US. Bubba also had sex with young intern in the oval office. Finally, Bubda cheated on his wife. Obamanation, may or may even be a leal citizen of the USA. Bubba and Obamanation are baby killers. Obamanation hung out with domestic terrorists. Oh, but Sweaty Teddy shoots his mouth and the Secret Service comes a callin’. Where the fuck where the Secret Service when Obamanation’s friends were blowing up policeman and law-abiding citizens? Difference between Ted Nugent, Bubba and Obamanation? The Motor City Madman grew up and realized the errors of his ways.

    • Obviously, you have not taken the time to read beyond this post.We have been critical of Bill Clit-on=”Liberally Insane-The Democratic Mindfick of the African-American Community. This piece clearly shows that we will equally criticize both the left and the right. Ted Nugent is nothing more than the puckered asshole of today’s Republican Party. Real Republicans are turning over in their graves in response to the version of the present day pile of shit posing as a legitimate political party. If Shit Romney is the hope for the right in November=Game not only on, but OVER!!!!!!!!!!!

      • My comment is meant to point out the hypocrisy of supporting the Dems and knocking an ex-hippy like Nugent. If you are truly taking jabs at both the left and right, that’s fine. And, I agree that Romney is not much of an option against Barack. Regardless, when 62% of people polled on Yahoo say that they will be voting for Romney in November, that’s a clear indicator that the majority of Americans are very disappointed with Obama’s job performance. Well, The Motor City Madman -after growing up- has sided with the people and is greatly vocal in his support of the American people. If you disagree, just look at his current lifestyle. The man does his very best to live out what our forefathers first intended. So Sweaty Teddy has some sins in his past. So, what. We all do.

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