1. This is pretty much on point. Whoever coined the saying Bill Clinton is are First Black President should be tarred and feathered. It was Toni(KIzzy) Morrison and she set us back years of advancement with that bullshit proclamation! Oh! and don’t forget that Andrew(the black lepruchan) Young, he made a similar comment during the beginning of the last election. The idea to label him as such is disrespectful to our people and really to him. Because in the end he showed his true colors, he and his wife when it got down to the wire in terms of the last election. I wonder if the african-american community would forgive Obama, like we did Clinton if he were caught in uncompromising position?

    You are correct in calling Bernard hopkins the a true “UNCLE TOM”, but I think that is to kind, lets call him a treacherous TRAITOR. We have Jesse(SCAM) Jackson well like you said he wanted to cut the balls off of Obama. I’m glad Obama excluded him and son from any position in the White House.

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