1. This section is on point. I thought it was me the only one disgusted when i was observing the Obama haterism in the black community. I was especially displeased with Cornel ‘sorry’ West and his constant critism of the Obama administration. Then you have Talis ‘BigHead’ Smiley who thinks that Obama during his push for the Whitehouse should have came to the State of the Black Union conference. Both these two haters have been drinking Hater-aid since the begining of the Obama era. For those of you who don’t know what hater-aid is it includes the following ingredients- Kool-aid mixed with a pint of Wild Irish Rose, oh! and also required viewing of the Fox news network while drinking this sneaky concoction.

    One question i have for the Obama Haters in Black community- Was the Civil rights movement and accomplishments achieved in a day or a week?

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